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*Tube Box - Locking Tab Closures - 6" W x 6" L x 40" H - Carton of 20 Boxes

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Tube Box - Locking Tab Closures

Dimensions: 6 W x 6 L x 40 H, shipped in cartons of 20. Minimum order 2 Cartons

Got roll-ups rolling around your place? Posters, maps, architectural drawings, blueprints and other rolled up files never take kindly to staying put. Thatâ????s what makes the Tube Box a great solution. Itâ????s easy to pack, designed with interlocking sealing tabs â???? no tape needed. Store them vertically or horizontally to maximize your storage space.

Easy to load with interlocking tabs - no tape needed. Stores easily, vertically or horizontally. Space efficient with 40 inches of height to store several smaller rolls, if needed.

Dimensions: 6 W x 6 L x 40 H, in cartons of 20.


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