Let there be color!  Thankfully, someone at some point had the grand idea of introducing color to the bland manila file folder.  Smart people realized that if they added color to their file folder labels, with a thoughtful sequence for order, the entire filing system would come to life. Then, even better, those managing that critical filing system would actually start to enjoy their work, as they were no longer thumbing thru 100's or 1000's of files looking for that one misfile in a sea of manila.  Hence, color-coded file folder labeling systems were born.  Even with the impact of digital records, paper files continue to perform at the highest level in many advanced file rooms world-wide.  End tab strip labels, classification labels, individual hand-wrap labels, computer generated labels, index labels, year band labels, month label sets and more all work together to add value to your entire records management system.  With over 10,000 labels available for your selection, you're bound to find your perfect label match right here!

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