Alpha vs. Numeric is one of the key starting points when determining primary search criteria for any filing system.  A generally accepted rule of thumb is that alphabetic (alpha) filing works great for filing systems that contain volumes up to 5,000 records.  Alpha systems will offer more specific logic to each file record, and at 5,000 or less total files it will remain manageable.  Over 5,000 records and the system starts to get weighted down in more commonly used letters such as "S" and "M" and even "Mc", making the search task cumbersome.  At you'll find a huge range of alpha labels, including 1" primary hand-wrap labels, 1/2" classification alpha labels and more.  If hi-tech is your path, consider creating your own label definition (design) and printing the entire strip label at your location, incorporating a combination of alpha and other attributes. 



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