TabQuik Label Software 

On-demand label printing software enabling high-volume records centers, records managers and institutions managing higher volumes of hard-copy paper filing systems to quickly create perfectly aligned color-coded end tab file folders is a game changer.  Introduced just about the time imaging and electronic records was becoming the buzz in the industry of records and information management, color coded label printing software remains relevant today.  Among the leading providers in this space, TAB, previously known as TAB Products helped to drive this offering with their specific program called TABQuik.  TABQuik included both the label printing software program as well as the end tab strip labels used to print to and to then apply to folders to create the end tab color coded system.  In fact, TAB even sold a $4,500 label high-speed label applicator at the time.  Many TABQuik users remain locked into TAB's higher priced label stock sheets which TAB of course loves.  However, is happy to offer you, today, the high quality needed and design match label stock at a significant discount vs. TABQuick branded labels.  Take a look at our offering and consider your new source for both blank end tab strip label stock for on-location label creation, and also pre-printed factory applied label sets to match and integrate perfectly into your existing TABQuik filing system.   



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