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ColorBar Label Software

Get your Printed Color-Coded Strip Labels here. We can help you get it right! 

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Already Using Computer-Printed Color-Coded Strip Labels on your Files?  Buy your Factory-Printed Labels here and Save!  We'll match any existing color-coding brand, provide professional service and help you save!

If you're not already using color-coded strip labels, it may be time to take a look at Smead ColorBar - the industry-leading on-demand label printing software.

Colorbar costs only $19.99 to get started (plus the cost of labels), and depending upon the volume of records you are managing, acquiring or creating annually, there may be no reason to continue to 'hand-wrap' your color-coded labeling system. This is the most economical label making software on the market!

If you're not using color-coded labels, it's definitely time to call us to get started with Smead ColorBar!


Why Color Coding?

  • Reduce filing and retrieval time – Color codes guide users to within inches of desired folder
  • Virtually eliminates misfiles
  • Reduces labeling cost to pennies per label
  • Improves the availability and use of information

Why ColorBar?
The ColorBar® suite of color labeling products gives you the power to produce labels with maximum ease and flexibility. Whether you print one label at a time, need label design capability, or require label printing at multiple locations, ColorBar meets your color labeling needs.

ColorBar Features

  • Automated label printing
  • Database connectivity
  • Advanced integration features
  • Advanced label design capability
  • Comprehensive bar code support
  • Works with unlimited ColorBar 8.2 label designs
  • Create alphabetic, numeric or custom index filing systems
  • Match any existing system, including Smead, Tab, Jeter, Ames, Barkley, Traco, GBS/VRE and Kardex
  • Generate labels from keyboard entry or import data from virtually any source
  • Create labels to your exact specifications
  • True WYSIWYG design and editing
  • Available for web, stand-alone or network applications
  • Integratable with records management software packages