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Custom Made Folders


The Custom-Made Folder Builder offers a user-friendly and versatile solution for creating personalized folders tailored to your needs.  To use this tool start by accessing the builder's interface below. Choose the desired Type of folder, Material, Tabs, Fasteners, Dividers and you can also upload any custom printing you may need. 

For more detailed information and instructions for the Custom Made Folder Builder go HERE…



The first section gives you the choice of the type of folder needed, you can choose from Top Tab Letter, Top Tab Legal, End Tab Letter, or End Tab Legal.  Top tab letter folders are commonly used for general filing, featuring tabs that extend from the top for easy labeling and identification of contents. Similarly, top tab legal folders serve the same purpose but are larger to accommodate legal-sized documents. On the other hand, end tab letter folders have tabs located on the side, ideal for shelf filing systems where folders are stored upright. These folders often have additional space for more detailed labeling. Similarly, end tab legal folders are designed for legal-sized documents and offer the convenience of end-tab labeling.


The second sections give you the choice of the material needed and the choices of Manila, Kraft, Color or Pressboard. Manila folders, crafted from durable paper stock, are a classic choice for general filing due to their affordability and ease of labeling. Kraft folders are similar to manila but are made from sturdier brown kraft paper, providing extra durability and a more environmentally-friendly option. Color folders add a vibrant touch to organization, enabling quick identification and categorization of documents. Additionally, pressboard folders, made from thick and rigid material, offer superior durability and are often used for files that require frequent handling or in more demanding environments. Depending on which material you choose you get a choice of the paper weight that specific folders comes in.


In this section and depending on the choices you made in the previous section the choices are between Tab Type, Tab Position and type of Reinforcement. The Tab Type refers to the shape of the label, commonly straight-cut or staggered-cut tabs, each offering its own visual and functional benefits. Tab Position, on the other hand, determines where the tab is placed on the folder – Top Tabs for easy reading when folders are stored vertically, and End Tabs for clear visibility in shelf filing. Reinforcement plays a crucial role in prolonging the folder's lifespan. Reinforced Tabs and Edges are reinforced with examples of 1 ply or 2 ply to withstand frequent use. Customizing these tab elements allows you to fine-tune your filing system for maximum efficiency, visibility, and durability, ensuring that your folders are tailored to your workflow and organizational needs.


The fastener section allows you to click on the image provided for the specific fastener position or positions needed. Here you also have the choice of the type of fastener such as SafeSHIELD Bonded, Bonded or Embedded. The position of fasteners in folders is a crucial consideration when it comes to document organization. Fasteners, such as Bonded or Embedded, securely hold papers in place within the folder. They can be positioned in various ways to suit different filing needs. For instance, fasteners can be installed in the top position, allowing documents to be easily flipped through while still attached. Alternatively, fasteners in the side position provide a streamlined view of the contents and are often used for legal documents. The choice of fastener position depends on the type of documents you need to store and the level of access required.


The Divider area allows you to choose from 1, 2 or 3 dividers. If you choose to add a divider you will also be given the type of divider material, the fastener Type and Divider Tabs. These versatile accessories create separate sections within a single folder, allowing you to categorize and group related papers, making information retrieval efficient and intuitive. They're particularly useful for projects with multiple subtopics, financial records with distinct sections, or presentations requiring a logical flow of content. With folder dividers, you can transform a single folder into a mini filing system, promoting clarity, reducing clutter, and simplifying your overall organization process.


The Custom Printing area is where you have a choice to upload any artwork or logo’s that need adding to the folder and also the panel the artwork is printed on. Printed artwork or logos on file folders offer a unique and professional touch to your organizational system. By incorporating your company's logo, brand colors, or custom designs onto the folders, you not only enhance their visual appeal but also establish a cohesive and polished image. These customized folders are perfect for presentations, client meetings, or internal document management, as they reflect your brand identity while maintaining a high level of organization. Whether it's a small logo on the corner or an elaborate design spanning the folder, printed artwork adds a layer of sophistication and personalization to your files, making a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, and anyone who interacts with your documents.


The last sections lets you decide on the quantity needed and also optional quantities if needed.