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Must have considerations when purchasing Compact Shelving storage solutions

  1.     “The Floor” – it’s all about the floor!  If your vendor is experienced with mobile storage applications, they will guide you thru the process of structural analysis, weight loads, deflection criteria and seismic compliance.  This all starts at the ground/floor level.

 2.     Proper Design – Gotta have it.  We’re not talking about fancy colors and finishes.  We mean functionality, accessibility, density, safety, security, etc, etc…  This is done on a case-by-case basis, rather than a one-size-fits-all formula.

 3.     Skilled and Experienced Installation Crew – Oh yes, this is critical.  Not so simple to fix a post-install drift issue, runaway carriage, non-compliant rail anchorage, and a number of other elements affected by the installation process.

 4.     Quality Product – While separation of quality levels between brands has diminished significantly in recent years, there are still key elements which comprise a high-quality system that will last and perform well for decades.  Drive mechanism, rails, carriage construction, shelving specs, safety features and flooring material are just some of the details to review when purchasing mobile storage.

 5.     Reliable Local Representation – Likely, your selling vendor or dealership for your brand of choice.  Are they vested in the local community?  Do they bring the necessary niche industry skill and experience required?  Are they responsive to your needs, customer focused and able to design a solution around your needs?  That part is the key – can they design the best solution for you?