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Our Mobile Storage Solutions are custom designed to fit your space and integrate seamlessly into any work environment.

Mobile Storage Systems have somehow managed to remain a well-kept secret here in the United States for the past 40+ years. While Libraries, Museums and Hospitals do seem to “get it” when it comes to implementing High Density Mobile Shelving, so many other organizations which could and would easily benefit from utilizing compact shelving, industrial mobile racking, high density filing systems and the like somehow manage to never even learn that these solutions exist. Instead, they do the best they can, moving active records and materials off site, stepping over boxes in aisles, adding costly storage cabinets one by one, never gaining control over their materials. To the contrary, and in large part due to the long-existing need for properly utilizing all available space, Europe does get it, and has considers Mobile File Storage Systems and Compact Storage Systems to be a common consideration and huge part of their planning process. It’s time we get with the program and start to get more out of our space…

Mechanical Assist Systems

green-check-mark.png Users open system aisles by rotating ergonomic drive handles

green-check-mark.png Allows lengths of up to 60 foot carriages with effortless movement/filing

green-check-mark.png End panel design options include steel, laminate, and/or real wood

green-check-mark.png Standard safety features are fully code compliant

mechanical-assist-systems.png mechanical-assist-systems-1.png mechanical-assist-systems-2.png mechanical-assist-systems-3.png

Powered Systems

green-check-mark.png Users open system aisles at the push of a button or via computerized commands

green-check-mark.png Designed for maximum productivity for high access storage/filing

green-check-mark.png State of the art engineering and safety systems

green-check-mark.png Programmable security and controlled access for specific users

powered-systems1.png powered-systems3.jpg powered-systems2.png powered-systems3.jpg

Industrial Mobile Storage

High Density Mobile Storage is no longer limited to front-office file room applications. Today, you can transform your industrial warehouse location into a super efficient storage capacity powerhouse. With even wider required aisle space, we can often triple your storage capacity by minimizing this wasted space, mobilizing your racking, and still maintaining high operational levels.

industrial-mobile-storage8.png industrial-mobile-storage9.png industrial-mobile-storage3.png industrial-mobile-storage12.png

Mobile Systems Accessories

Mobile Storage Systems will be configured for your unique application. The modular design allows for flat/file shelves, lateral roll-outs, mixed media drawers or custom engineered accessories. Choose from an array of components to store virtually anything! Mobile Storage gives you significantly greater storage capacity per square foot of floor space. Conventional shelving or cabinets are mounted on carriages that travel on rails. Non-productive fixed aisle space is eliminated!

File Folders | Boxes | Binders | Books | Medical Records/X-Rays | Digital Media | Museum Artifacts | Supplies | Medical Supplies | Industrial Equipment | Weapons | Pharmaceuticals | Lab Specimens | Linens | Food | Inventories


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