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High Density Mobile Shelving

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Is Mobile Shelving for You?

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Thinking about Space-Saving High-Density Mobile Shelving for your Files?

  • Learn how to avoid critical mistakes
  • Design it right
  • Triple your space!
  • Don’t overspend
  • Make it safe
  • Tap into our amazing national network of local mobile shelving system contractors
  • Talk to an expert today and get the facts
Safety, Security and Order

Moving from a traditional (space-wasting) drawer-based filing system, Movable Shelving enables these key benefits:

  • Uses Your Vertical Space
    • Easily access files up to 8 levels high
  • Eliminates Wasted Aisles
    • Access only as needed
  • No More Need for Drawer Pull-Out Space
    • Files sit neatly on flat shelves
  • Elimination of hanging files
    • and the cost & space they consume to support your records
  • Safety, Security and Order
    • High-density mobile storage systems can be designed to limit, track and control access to the records they hold. Today’s available features are near limitless...

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Everything you need to move from Drawers to Mobile Shelving