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Smead ColorBar Express Software - Online version - Label Making Software 02365

Smead ColorBar Express Software - Online version - Label Making Software 02365

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    Smead's ColorBar color-coded labeling revolutionized the file room with a simple, flexible solution for organizing even the largest and most chaotic file rooms. ColorBar Express is Smead's latest addition to the ColorBar suite. ColorBar Express now offers the same best selling functionality of ColorBar Print packaged into a convenient and cost-efficient ASP/web service model that's ideal for on-demand labeling needs.

    ColorBar Express comes with a 1 year subscription. It IS required for all seats.

    ColorBar Express price includes one free label design and the first year subscription. This is a concurrent seat and can be installed onto as many PC's as you wish but only one user per license can access the software at a time.

    You do not receive any physical software and pay an annual subscription fee each year to use the online software. Used to print labels created in Composer and contains an Express Designer function allowing you to create basic label designs.

    Please note that the Express Designer does have limited design capability. When your account is created it triggers an automated message to be sent to your email containing the temporary password for them to log on to ColorBar Express. After logging in you will receive the option to change your password. We have no visibility of your PC and all of your label designs and data are stored locally on YOUR machine and NOT on our server. The website is

    Renew your Annual Subscription for ColorBar Express here

    Click here to order an additional seat/license for your ColorBar Express Software

    Renew your Annual Subscription for ColorBar Express Additional Seats here

    View our Non-Online ColorBar® Print Software

    Prints color-coded labels from the internet. Works with any computer using a Microsoft Internet Explorer® browser and a high-speed broadband connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    Prints strip labels with color coding, text or bar codes...the choice is yours.
    The ColorBar Express Designer gives you many options, including alphabetic or numeric, so it's easy to match your existing system.
    Use either laser or inkjet printers for label stock
    No software to load, no dedicated system required, no upgrades to manage.
    No per-label click fees.
    Affordable annual subscription service.
    Single concurrent seat license.
    Output is printable to a variety of labels. Works with all ColorBar labels and Design-A-Sheet labels.


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